What is the Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Your Needs?

What is the Best Industrial Sewing Machine for Your Needs

October 02, 2020

Should You Upgrade to an Industrial Sewing Machine? 

We speak to many customers considering an upgrade from domestic to industrial sewing machines. Domestic machines are ideal for a lot of people. They are compact, capable and easy to use. But if you need to sew large quantities for long periods, nothing compares to the performance of a good industrial sewing machine. 

The same can be said if you need to sew multiple layers of fabric or tougher materials like canvas and leather. Whether you are sewing for work or as a hobby, an industrial sewing machine is right for you if you want to take on more challenging projects and increase your output.  

We understand it can be an intimidating move at first. Some people are nervous about the speed of the machines. Others aren’t sure about the maintenance, parts and accessories. However, many industrial sewing machines now come with quiet and efficient servo motors, adjustable speed settings, automatic lubrication and automatic thread trimming. It’s never been a better time to make the upgrade, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you decide on the right machine for you. 

Different Types of Industrial Sewing Machines & Their Uses

Just like domestic machines, industrial sewing machines come in a variety of models for different purposes. You may already be familiar with the different functions and stitches, but as a quick reminder industrial sewing machines fit into five main categories:

1. Plain sewing machines

Industrial Plain Sewing Machines are the foundation of every good sewing room. They can do all of your general purpose sewing and alterations. These machines can be used for everything from garments to zippers. 

2. Overlockers

Industrial Overlocker Sewing Machines are specialised machines for edging, hemming and seams. These machines are true multi-taskers. The needle sews a seam while a blade trims and looper threads over the clean edge (hence the name). The result is a neat, professional stitch around the edge of fabric panels.

3. Coverseamers

Industrial Cover Seam Machines are also known as coverstitch machines. They are used for creating professional, stretchy hems on fabrics. This is ideal for activewear, underwear, children’s clothes and anything made from knit fabrics. Have a look at your sleeves or necklines and you’ll probably spot a double row coverstitch. 

4. Walking Foot 

Walking Foot Sewing Machines are the perfect choice when you need to sew multiple layers and thicker materials. The walking foot and the feed dogs combine to move all layers through at the same time. They’re ideal for leather, canvas, banners, quilting and PVC 

5. Blind Hemmer

Blinder Hemmer Sewing Machines create a ‘blind’ hem stitch. The needle moves side to side, gathering a very small piece of fabric each time. The resulting chain stitch is invisible on one side, making it perfect for trousers, dresses, skirts and soft furnishings. 

Our Top 5 Recommendations for Industrial Sewing Machines

1. Zoje Direct Drive Plain Sewing Machine ZJ9513G

Zoje Direct Drive Plain Sewing Machine ZJ9513G

The Zoje ZJ9513G is a real workhorse that offers amazing value, quality and reliability. 

It features an integrated direct drive motor. This really cuts down on noise and saves energy, making it perfect for small workshops and home use. It comes with a needle positioner and adjustable speed making it very user friendly. 

This is a top choice for your first industrial plain sewing machine. 



2. Siruba F007K Flatbed Coverseamer

Siruba F007K Flatbed Coverseamer

The Siruba F007K is a smooth running coverseamer with adjustable speed. It’s a great looking modern machine and very easy to control. 

This machine is the flatbed model which sits flush, but we also stock the cylinder arm variant. It features a direct drive servo motor mounted onto the sewing head itself. This is energy efficient and means no idle noise. 

The Siruba Coverseam Machine is perfect for finishing the bottom of your t-shirt, sleeves, underwear and more. 



3. Zoje ZJ500 Portable Blind Hemmer 

Zoje ZJ500 Portable Blind Hemmer

The Zoje ZJ500 is a portable, lightweight blind hemming machine which is perfect for small workshop and home use. 

It can be used for hems on skirts, trousers, dresses and even curtains. There is a swing out front plate for hemming sleeves and narrow legs as well as fully adjustable depth control. 

The is the best selling portable blind hemmer in the world. It’s also been our best seller for more than 10 years. This machine really set the benchmark for all other blind hemming machines. 



4. Singer 351G-241M Overlocker

Singer 351G-241M Overlocker


The Singer Direct Drive 4 Thread Overlocker is one of the most popular industrial overlocker machines in the world. And for very good reason. 

The 4 thread variant provides a very strong joining stitch which makes it ideal for alterations and garment work. It features an integrated direct drive motor which makes it quiet and saves power. 

What really sets this machine apart, however, is how user friendly it is. There is an automatic needle positioning system so you can choose whether you want the needles up or down at the end of each sewing run. The speed control settings are easy to find at the front of the machine, giving you complete control. 



5. Zoje ZJ0303L Automatic Walking Foot Machine

Zoje Automatic Direct Drive Walking Foot Sewing Machine


We are massive fans of Zoje, so it’s no surprise that three of their models make it into this list. 

The ZJ0303L Automatic Walking Foot Machine is a smooth and efficient industrial walking foot machine. It comes with a no noise servo motor, mounted directly onto the machine. 

That is just the start of the helpful features. It also comes with an automatic needle positioning system, an LED light in the sewing area, automatic lubrication, automatic backtrack and thread trimmer, as well as adjustable speed. 

It may be easy to use, but this machine is more than capable of heavy work. It features a high footlift height and large hook, so you can use heavy thread with no problem. This machine will fly through upholstery, bags, canvas work, and other applications.

This machine really offers the very best quality, performance and ease of use. 



Contact Us For Advice Or Come & Try!

We hope this guide has given you some useful tips to find the best machine for your needs. But we understand that finding the right machine for you is a personal choice. 

We’ve been supplying and servicing sewing machines in New Zealand for more than 30 years. Over that time we’ve seen a huge amount of machines come and go. If you’d like professional, impartial advice on the best make and model for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Or, if you near the Auckland area, come in and see us! We have a fully stocked showroom with all the best machines You can even bring along your fabric and give each machine a try to see what suits you best. 

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