Juki Domestic Air Threader Overlocker MO-1000

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Juki Air Threading Overlocker

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With the newest in technology, this automatic air threading overlocker makes the hardest part of sewing very easy. With a high versatility, the Juki MO-1000 easily handles from the stretchiest, to the toughest of fabric. Have this overlock set up in seconds with automatic needle threaders and air threading for the loopers. It can't get any easier than that!

This unique function dramatically alters upper and lower looper threading since you do not need to thread in order. 2-needle, 4-thread stitching allows for various sewing applications - from overlock stitching to rolled hem.

Perfect for those joining the world of serging, our MO-1000 comes decked out with features and accessories to assist in your projects. In addition to our unique jet-air looper, our long cutting knife and adjustable differential feed allow you to work with confidence and comfort. Clothing construction is a breeze with our MO-1000, and the results are always clean! Add serging techniques to your world of sewing and open new doors to design opportunities!

Juki Domestic Overlocker Features

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  • Looper Air Threading. The new easy threading feature, easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function dramatically alters upper and lower looper threading.

  • Upper Looper Converter 2-/3-Thread Conversion
    Switch to 2-Thread sewing simply by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left, making this operation even easier.

  • Adjustable Differential Feed- Even with easily stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette, create beautifully sewn finishes by adjusting the differential feed with the simple dialing of a knob. Adjustments can even be made while sewing.

  • Ample Fabric Throat Area: The height of the throat is 72.4 mm. Due to this increased height, the usability of the work space has improved infinitely.

  • LED Sewing Light: The needle area is brightly illuminated. The long-life, energy-efficient and eco-friendly light will not heat up, even after a long period of continuous use.
  • Easy Stitch Length Adjustments: Change the stitch length for specialty thread or overlock techniques using the conveniently located dial.
  • Front Foot Lift: The presser foot is higher on its tip to allow the fabric to easily be inserted at the start of sewing. In addition, raising the foot lifter allows for 8mm and 10mm of space to easily insert even thick layer of fabric.
  • Exterior Thread Cutter: The knife system on the MCS-1500 operates with a dedicated drive to assure consistent and smooth cutting for both light and heavy weight fabrics - so all fabric edges can be trimmed safely and professionally.
  • Presser Foot with Guide: A presser foot equipped with a guide that presses down on both the left and right sides is provided as a standard accessory.

Juki Domestic Overlocker Specifications

  • Maximum Sewing Speed : 1,500 spm
  • Maximum Stitch Length: 4mm
  • Needles: Household 130/705H
  • Dimensions: 28cm (L) x 33.5cm (W) x 28.5cm (H)
  • Weight: 7kg

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Juki Domestic Overlocker Specifications

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