Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine with Synchronized Binder

$3,122.00 $2,999.00

The ZOJE 246V is a universal cylinder-bed machine equipped with a binder and larger working area. With a large vertical hook, the 246 can take a larger thread capacity.

The 246V has a triple feed system which is ideal for multi layered sewing to reduce ply shift.


  • Cylinder arm which gives the operator freedom of movement when sewing.
  • Modern speed variable servo motor which runs quiet and gives you the maximum amount of control.
  • Mounted on a half table which allows a big working area underneath the machine arm.
  • High footlift to fit thicker materials.

Suitable application:

  • Leather shoes
  • Handbags
  • Sports shoes
  • Belts
  • Other leather apparel


Sewing speed: 2200spm
Max. stitch length: 6mm
Arm type: Cylindrical

Needle type: DPx17 / 135x17