V Belt for Sewing Machine Motor


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A brand new belt can make a huge difference to how smooth your sewing machine runs. Made of a high quality dense rubber.

How to choose a belt:

Cut your old belt and stretch it out next to a ruler. Measure the belt end to end and select the corresponding size from the drop down menu.

Belt Measure

Sizes Available:

 Size Length (inches) Length (cm)
M-30 30"
M-31 31" 78.8cm
M-32 32" 81.3cm
M-33 33" 83.8cm
M-34 34" 86.4cm
M-35 35" 88.9cm
M-36 36" 91.5cm
M-37 37" 94.0cm
M-38 38" 96.5cm
M-39 39" 99.0cm
M-40 40" 101.6cm
42" 106.7cm

Your motor is adjustable so if you get a size which is too tight or loose then you can adjust your motor