Towa Embroidery Machine Digital Thread Tension Gauge


TOWA Digital Tension Gauge for Commercial Sewing Machines

The Towa DTM-A1 Digital Tension Gauge offers a reliable, accurate way to measure thread tension in embroidery machines. Its easy-to-use features help maintain optimal tension consistency, ensuring perfect stitching with every use. Its precision engineering ensures accurate readings, giving you the confidence to produce quality embroidery every time.

Guideline Setting

Bobbin Case Tensions:

  • Everyday Embroidery - between 18-22 g
  • Cap Embroidery - 25 g
Top Thread Tension:
  • Rayon - set between 100 and 120 g
  • Polyester - set between 120 and 150 g
  • The settings for specialty threads vary for each 
  • type

The numbers above are intended to be used as a guideline and may need to be adjusted up or down depending upon your specific machine. Be sure to set your gauge to the gf (gram force) setting by using the toggle button in the upper right corner of your gauge.

Compatible machines: Ricoma, Barudan, Tajima, Happy

3* AAA Batteries required (not included)


Setting Top Thread

 Setting Bottom Thread