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Coats Astra Thread

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Ticket: 120, 5000m

Coats Astra is a premium spun polyester thread. Made for general use and various application, the Astra thread is a product used in most alteration shops around the country. Available in a wide colour range.

Versatile, and easy to use. This quality thread will give you the quality product that you are after in the spun polyester range.

Thinnest (Standard for Clothing etc) Astra 120, Astra RPET 120

Astra 75
Thickest Astra 30

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  • Shirt
  • Pillow cases
  • Overlocking
  • Top stitching
  • General sewing


  • Thickness: Ticket 120, Tex 24
  • Length: 5000m
  • Needle Size: 70-100


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Coats Astra Thread Color Chart


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