Multi Function Finger Presser & Hera Marker by SewMate

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Multi Function Finger Presser & Crease Maker

The Hera marker and finger presser tool is a versatile and handy instrument designed for various crafting tasks, particularly in sewing, quilting, and paper crafting projects. This innovative tool combines the functionality of a Hera marker and a finger presser, making it a valuable addition to any craft enthusiast's toolkit.

Hera Marker Feature: On one end, the tool features a smooth and durable pointed tip, akin to a traditional Hera marker. Crafted from hard plastic or bone-like material, this pointed end allows you to create precise and temporary lines on fabric or paper without the need for ink or chalk. With effortless gliding, the Hera marker feature enables you to mark folding lines, pleats, darts, or any other guidelines needed for your sewing and quilting projects.

Finger Presser Feature: On the other end, the tool boasts a rounded and ergonomic design, serving as an effective finger presser. Constructed from the same durable material, this rounded end allows you to create temporary creases and folds in fabric without the use of an iron. The finger presser feature comes in handy when you require quick, temporary guidelines during your crafting process. By gently running the rounded end along the fabric, you can establish creases that aid in precise fabric manipulation and alignment.

Versatility and Convenience: The combination of these two essential features in one tool provides unparalleled versatility and convenience. No more switching between different tools during your crafting projects—simply flip the tool to access the Hera marker or finger presser as needed. Whether you're working on sewing intricate patterns, quilting delicate layers, or engaging in various paper crafting endeavors, this multifunctional tool streamlines your workflow and enhances the precision of your creations.