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Singer Ruffler Foot


The Ruffler Foot is one of the most time saving attachments you can add to your sewing machine. This accessory is used to create perfectly spaced pleats and gathers.

Simply turn the adjustment on the foot to change the depth of the pleats. Change the setting to adjust the number of stitches between the pleats. Meaning, the foot will do all the work for you – a true time-saver.  

You can easily add a frill onto aprons, curtains, bedding or a range of projects and save a heap of time. Add a touch of class with ease by simply adding this foot to your collection and create perfectly even ruffles. 

With the Ruffler Foot, there’s no need to pin the gathers or use elastic to create fabulous looking ruffles.

To Suit Following Models: 1108, 1507, Promise (1412, 1409, 1408), Tradition (2250, 2282, 2273, 2268), Simple (3221, 3223, 3210, 3229, 3232) Start 1306, Talent (3323, 3321), Heavy Duty (4411, 4423, 4432) Cosplay CP6355M, C5205, Futura ( XL400, XL550, XL580, CE-350, CE-250, CE150), Starlet (6660, 6680, 6699), Confidence (7470, 7463, 7465, 7469), 160, One, One Plus, Curvy (8770, 8763), Heritage 8768, Quantum Stylist 9960, Stylist 9100, Brilliance (6199, 6180, 6160), SE300 Legacy, Fashion Mate (7256, 7140, 3333, 3337) and M2105.