Schmetz Needles for Semi-Commercial Machines. Brother PQ1500, Janome HD9, Juki TL


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Schmetz High Speed Quilting Needles

Needles for your domestic quilting sewing machine.

The SCHMETZ HLx5 is a specific needle system specifically designed for high-speed professional quilting machines (i.e., Janome 1600 P series, etc.).

Machine owner's manual will specify HLx5 system. Do not use on a home sewing machine.

The SCHMETZ HLx5 needle works with specific machine models of all brands.


Schmetz High Speed Quilting Needle

Slightly Rounded Special Taper Point
Regular Eye

Application: Piecing, machine quilting and topstitching

Needle Type:
Quilting Needle

Quilting Needle Type (per Color Chart).

Compatible machines:

Brother PQ1500SL, Janome HD9, Juki TL-98P, Juki TL-2010, Juki TL-2200QVP

Packet of 10 needles.