Schmetz Domestic Overlocker Serger Needles


One card of needles has 5 needles in it.

Schmetz Domestic Overlocker Serger Needles

these are for your Domestic/Household sewing machines

System ELx705

These serger needles are great for safety stitches and cover stitches. Due to their superior quality and durability, these needles offer consistent sewing and prevent cloth bunching or skipped stitches.

Needle point feature: Regular point. This needle is designed for use in electronic multi-purpose sergers that do the overlock, cover, safety, and mock safety stitches. Not suitable for use in normal home sewing machines or embroidery machines. Machines should specify ELX705 system.

Sizes available: Packet of 2 x 80 + 3 x 90.

"your sewing machine is only good as the needle your sewing with"Ferd Schmetz 1851