Madeira Fabric Spray Temporary Adhesive - 500ml


Madeira Fabric Spray Adhesive

MSA 1100 Spray Adhesive 500 ml (13.35 oz) MSA 1100 Adhesive Spray is a non-toxic, acid free temporary adhesive which temporarily bonds fabrics and fibres together, leaving them fully repositionable thus eliminating the need of pinning. An excellent aid for applique, embroidery, quilting, embellishment, stencilling or sewing and ideal for setting in zippers.

Spray from the recommended distance - around 30cm - in short bursts. The adhesive action is sustained for one to two hours, enabling you to reposition your fabric after spraying. The adhesive effect disappears totally after 2 to 3 days or the spray can be washed out, leaving no residue.

Odorless, colorless, stainless, spotless temporary adhesive.

  • For sewing, applique, quilting, craft, and any project where you need a temporary adhesive
  • For embroidery: basting your project to stabilizer (always spray stabilizer/not project)
  • For quilting: baste quilt top to batting (always spray batting/not quilt top)
  • Craft and applique: fabric to fabric
  • Craft: fabric to paper Work on a protected surface, press sprayed surface firmly in position while adhesive is tacky Provide adequate ventilation.

Use instructions:

  • Always test on the fabric before starting production. Shake the can well and use spray away from all machinery, as it will affect moving parts.
  • Adhesive sprays are suitable for most fabrics however, staining may occur on extremely delicate fabrics or those with a specialist finish such as silk, velour, imitation leather and technical textiles, so patch test first.
  • If you are having difficulty embroidering onto fine or stretchy fabric, try using a combination of the 051PS89W backing and temporary adhesive spray, AD505 or MSA1100. This should improve the quality of your embroidery.
  • The aim is to obtain just enough sticking strength to hold cut pieces in place whilst embroidering. The adhesive should lightly lie on the cloth pieces which can then be easily repositioned, AD505 and MSA1100 will evaporate. AD606 can be heat pressed to create a permanent bond.
  • It is important to spray from the recommended distance of approximately 20 - 30cm. This ensures the constituents are mixed correctly and the adhesive agent is dispersed evenly in fine particles to avoid soaking the fabric. Spray in short bursts to avoid product build-up.
  • Where possible spray the appliqué or cut piece and not the base material.
  • Patch testing prior to use is essential, Madeira UK LLP cannot be held responsible for any damage to garments resulting from the incorrect use of sprays.

How to prevent puckering with Madeira Spray Adhesive