Madeira Stabilizer Starter Pack

$27.00 $24.30

Madeira Stabilizer Starter Pack

Great sample pack to try the different stabilizers

The Madeira Stabilizer Starter Set is the perfect way for you to try out our full range of stabilizers.

Each pack contains a generous sample sheet of each one of our 12 Premium Stabilizers and a copy of our instruction book "Stabilizers know how.

Embroidery stabilizer is also known as backing. 


Tear Away:

  • 1 x Cotton Soft
  • 1 x Cotton Soft Black
  • 1 x Cotton Stable
  • 1 x Cotton Fix

Wash Away

  • 1 x Avalon Film
  • 1 x Avalon Ultra
  • 1 x Avalon Plus
  • 1 x Avalon Fix

Cut Away

  • 1 x Super Strong
  • 1 x Super Strong Black
  • 1 x Super Stable
  • 1 x Super Film