Madeira Classic Rayon 40 - Black 1000. 1000m

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Madeira Classic Rayon

40 weight, 1000m

Colour: Black 1000

The best thread for embroidery

Madeira's 100% eco-friendly viscose rayon embroidery thread runs exceptionally well on high-speed multi-head embroidery machines and semi-pro home machines. The super soft nature of Madeira’s Classic Rayon embroidery thread ensures minimal loop formation and protects moving parts such as needles and cutters from wear. A soft hand is maintained, even with high stitch count designs.

Known worldwide for its high tensile strength and glossy lustre, Classic Rayon is the ideal embroidery thread for all types of embroidery.

Classic Rayon Specifications:

  • Digitization: Average 4.0 density 
  • Recommended Needle Size: #65/9 or #75/11