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Janome Even Feed Walking Foot - Suitable for HD9. 767403016


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Even Feed Walking Foot

The Janome Even Feed Foot for the 1600P series and HD9 Straight Stitch Machines is an essential accessory designed to enhance your sewing experience. This specialized foot plays a crucial role in achieving flawless stitching by ensuring smooth fabric feeding without any puckering.

Featuring a unique design, the even feed foot effectively walks over the fabric, facilitating consistent and precise feeding. This is particularly advantageous when working with challenging fabrics, as the foot's grip, combined with the coordinated movement of both upper and lower feed dogs, prevents any undesirable distortion or puckering.

Crafted with durability in mind, the even feed foot is built to withstand the demands of high-speed sewing, making it an ideal companion for the Janome 1600P series and HD9 Straight Stitch Machines. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance, even when operating at elevated speeds.

It's important to note that this specialized foot is exclusively suitable for use with Janome 1600P series and HD9 Straight Stitch Machines, emphasizing its compatibility and effectiveness in enhancing the capabilities of these specific models. Whether you're working on quilting projects or tackling heavy-duty sewing tasks, the Janome Even Feed Foot is a valuable tool that contributes to achieving professional and polished results.



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Suitable Machines:


HD9, 1600P