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Janome Air Threader 2000DD Overlocker. EX DEMO Model

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Juki Air Threading Overlocker

Ex Demo Model



Janome Premium Overlocker


With an automatic air threading system, gone is the need to precisely the needle using tweezers and sharp eyes. With this model. Janome has adopted a precise air delivery method at the pull of a lever.

This overlocker also features a one step converter which at the flip of a switch converts your machine from a 3 thread to a 2 thread overlocker.



• Number of threads: 4

• Various different stitches.
• Threading chart.


  • Stitch types: 9
  • Maximum sewing speed: 1,300spm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm
  • Dust cover.
  • Machine weight: 8kg


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Janome Premium Overlocker

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