Janome Convertible FMQ Foot Set - 9mm High Shank. 202 146 001


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Convertible Freemotion Quilting Foot Set

The set includes three different feet that attach to the holder with a screw for maximum sturdiness and safety. Also includes a darning plate. Feet included in the package are Closed Toe Foot for general use with lace and catchable fabrics, Open Toe Foot for general use and extra visibility, and Clear View Foot for uneven surfaces and evenly spaced quilting.

Included feet:

  • Closed foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Clear view foot L
  • Clear view foot M


9mm - high shank

Janome Machine Categories

Suitable Machines:

Category D

MC12000, MC14000, MC15000, HORIZON - MC8900QCP, MC8200QC, Atelier 5, 6, 7, 9, 

MC9400QCP, MC9450QCP, MC6700P, M7 Continental (CM7P)