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Mirsew Gravity Feed Steam Iron - STOCK DUE EARLY JAN

Industrial Gravity Feed Steam Iron is a self-contained ironing system that does not require a boiler. It utilizes a separate water bottle that must be suspended above your working surface. Operates similarly to a household iron but has the separate water storage for longer amounts of pressing and is a heavier professional style iron.

Elegantly designed with a soft-touch thumb switch for easy and powerful steam release. Features a specially designed heat shield and controls on the back of the iron. This high quality, industrial strength gravity feed bottle iron will prove to be very productive and efficient.

Using the simplicity of gravity feed to provide the pressure which creates its own very dry, voluminous steam, the Gravity Feed Iron easily opens seams, flattens darts, sets pleats instantly, gives sharper creases and more.

Easy To Use, the Gravity Feed Iron is extremely energy efficient and simple to maintain. Also, the built-in sheathed wire heater improves thermal efficiency, shortens heating time, and thus offers GREAT economy. Just pour the demineralizer into the water container and eliminate the need for distilled water! It is a rugged product, built to stand up to years of use, is user comfortable and its sleek design allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

Inside the Box:

  • Water container
  • Iron unit
  • Hose set
  • Teflon Shoe


Water capacity: 2.5L
Iron weight: 1.8kg
Voltage: 220-240

Mirsew MS94

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