Direct Drive Round Knife Cutting Machine


Direct Drive Round Cutter

Cut multiple layers of fabric with this easy to use direct drive cutting machine. Using the latest direct drive technology in small motors, this powerful small cutting machine is equipped with a speed variable function, and LED guide light so that you can cut in the dark.

Light Weight

The hand held feature makes cutting curves much easier to handle. This machine comes in two knife size variants. Equipped with a sharpening stone mounted within reach of your thumb, you can ensure that the blade is always sharp for optimum operation.

Drive Round CutterDrive Round Cutter

Available variants:

- 100mm knife diameter

- 125mm knife diameter


- LED front guide light

- Variable cutting speed for better cutting control and precision


Cutting speed: 300-1200rpm
Cutting thickness:
100: 30mm
125: 50mm
Application: fabric, canvas, light leather, etc