Coats Dabond Outdoor V138 UV Resistant Thread. 1500m

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Coats Dabond Outdoor UV Resistant Thread

Bonded Polyester, Ticket 18, Length: 1500m

Demonstrating superior sewing performance, new Dabond Outdoor has been specifically designed for outdoor life with its dual lubricated finish. In a world where stringent cleaning and disinfecting is now the norm, it is colourfast against UV, chemicals and vinyl. It’s the ideal thread for the toughest outdoor conditions – on land and at sea.

Ideal for manufacturing sails and countless other outdoor and marine applications, it is a bonded, twisted continuous filament polyester thread. Unlike conventional polyester bonded threads, it has exceptional bond cohesion, giving it excellent sewing properties in the toughest conditions. It is completely colourfast. The Dabond Outdoor has an extra excellent UV, vinyl, abrasion and chemical protection

Coats Dabond Outdoor Features

  • Excellent resistance for applications exposed to marine water and sunlight
  • Dual level lubricated finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing
  • Excellent bleach, mildew and rot resistance
  • Enhanced resistance to cleaning chemicals
  • Colourfast against vinyl, UV and chemicals

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  • Thickness: ticket 18/V138.
  • Material: bonded polyester.
  • Length: 1500m.


  • Boat Covers
  • Sails
  • Awning Covers
  • Heavy Upholstery
  • Awnings

Other Available Sizes:

Size Application
 Thinner V69
V92 Outdoor Upholstery, canvas, awnings, bags, canopies, squabs, boat covers.
Thicker V138 Outdoor Sails, seatbelts, straps, heavy upholstery, canvas, awnings, boat covers.