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Clover Quick Fusible Bias Tape - 6mm Black

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Clover Fusible Bias Tape


CLOVER-Prefolded Iron On Bias Tape. It will eliminate time consumption in making and pinning it in place. Excellent for use in stained glass quilting, celtic, applique work of project requiring the use of 1/4 inch bias tape. 100% polyester. Washable when sewn in place. This package contains eleven yards of 1/4 inch wide tape. Imported., Double-fold Herringbone pattern with good quality, Cotton with a fine weave to give this a strong and durable.

Goods are preshrunk, soft, and smooth without snagging and rucking. Good for bunting making, wedding, birthday party, making piping, binding seams, finishing raw edge, edging a wide variety of fabrics. Your beloved tape has been already well packed in a transparent box which avoids your tape from being deformed or damp and enable you to check if the product or color is right or not.

Width: 6mm (1/4")

Length: 10m