Brother Extra Tough Sewing Machine. FS60X

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This machine is an extra tough computerised sewing machine with its durable metal frame and high-quality stitch. 

 The metal frame interior allows this machine to sew through tougher materials with confidence.

The FS60x has a large working space making fabric handling easier, yet the free-arm is slim enough to fit children’s clothes and other petite garments. Features such as the maximum speed limitation make this a perfect machine for beginners, but with a powerful motor, 60 different stitches, and needle up/down positioning, this machine is designed to grow with the skills and confidence of the user. It is suitable for sewing denim, knits, and various woven fabrics.

  Features such as the 60 different stitch designs and 7 one-step buttonholes together with the 8 different presser feet included in the box provide everything you’ll need for a huge range of projects working with cotton, knit, and denim.

The machine is built to an immaculate finish, exemplified by the smooth selector jog dial to choose between modes. Complete with a start-stop sewing button, this machine is perfect for the artist in you.


• 1-step buttonhole

• Friendly LCD display
• Top load bobbin
• LED sewing light
• Instructional DVD
• Auto threading system

• Stitch types: 60
• Max. sewing speed: 750spm
• Max. stitch width: 7mm
• Max. stitch length: 4mm

• Weight: 4.8kg


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