Brother Dynamic Walking Foot - Even Feeding. F085AP SA101


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Dynamic Walking Foot

Sew multiple layers, quilts and sticky fabrics like leather and vinyl’s easily with the Dynamic Walking Foot Set. The top and bottom feed helps move the fabric along in an even manner to prevent slip stitching, where one layer moves faster than the other layer.

Now quieter with improved sewing quality. This set allows for interchangeable feet which allows you to sew through a greater range of materials with precision.


  • Normal foot.
  • Open toe foot.
  • Screw driver.

Maximum width: 7mm.

How to use instructions.

Part number: F085, F085AP, SA101, D01MRB001

Suitable Models
XP1/ XP2
XV**/ XV8500D**/ XV8550D**
V5/ 5LE/ 7/ 7-M/ 7-TUR, VM5100/ 5200/ 6200D
BQ2500/ 3100, VQ2/ 4/ 2400/ 3000
NQ3500D/ 3700D, NV2600/ 2600-TUR/ 2650D/ 2700
BQ950/ 1350, NQ700/ 700PRW/ 900/ 1300, NV1040SE/ 1100/ 1300/ 1800Q, PS700
F480, NS2750D
F400/ 410/ 420/ 420-TUR/ 460
JS-70E, ML-600/ 750, NS15, NV10/ 10A/ 15/ 15P/ 15P-M/ 20LE/ 25/ 27SE/ 30/ 35P/ 35P-TUR/ 50/ 55P/ 55P-TUR, SL500
Elite95E**, JK4000**/ 7000**, ML-900**, NV35**/ 55**/ 55FE**
LB6950, M270/ 280D, NV180/ 180-TUR/ 180D/ 180K
A16/ 50/ 60SE/ 80/ 80-TUR/ 150/ 150-TUR, C50PK, E50GN, NV50S, TY600C
CS10s/ 70s/ 120WTs, CX70PEs, DS50/ 120x, DX70SE, FS20s/ 40s/ 45E/ 60x/ 70E/ 70WTx/ 80X, GP60X, KD40s, KE20s, ST55E, STYLE600, X1100
Earlier model
BC800, CS10/ 70/ 120WT, CX70PE, FS50, JS100
Later model
DS120s/ 1300, FS20/ 40/ 40WT/ 60s/ 70/ 70WTs/ 100WT/ 101/ 130QC/ 155/ 155-TUR/ 180QC/ 210/ 250FE, KD40, KE20, ModerN40E/ 50E/ 60E/ 210e, Style40e/ 60e/ 80e/ 100Q