Brother Zigzag Foot with Clear View Window F053N

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Brother Zigzag Foot with Clear View Window and Level Button

Adaptor included.

Standard zigzag foot which will fit your Brother sewing machines.

Also useful for utility stitches, especially useful to promote perfect feed on thick fabrics when you start sewing.

  • Simply tilt the foot and push the button to set the foot. When a thick area (like seams) is encountered, the foot automatically releases on it's downward slope
  • No more getting stuck when sewing over thick areas, or no uneven stitches over these problematic areas

  • Part number: F053

    Instruction manual

    Suitable machines:
    Brother: BM2600, L14, JS1700, JA1400, GS2510, GS2700, NX200QE, NX400, NX600, VQ3000, NS10, NS15, NS30, NS35, NS55, NV180, NV200, NV400, NV600, QC2000, VM6200D, NV1e, NV1250D, NV1100, NV1300, NV1800Q, NV2700, NQ3500D, VQ2400, VQ3000, XV and NV950, A16, A80, A150, FS60X, FS80X,