Brother Sewing Machine Narrow Hemmer Foot for Electronic Machines. F002N


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Narrow Hemmer Foot

For Electronic Sewing Machines

Ease your hemming work with this user friendly guide foot. The foot snaps onto your Brother domestic sewing machines easily using a snap on action.

Narrow Hemmer Foot

How to use instructions.

Maximum stitch width: 7mm.

Part number: F002N, SA126, XC1946052

Suitable machines:
Brother: FS60X, FS80X, NX200QE, NX400, NX600, VQ3000, NS10, NS15, NS30, NS35, NS55, NV180, NV200, NV400, NV600, QC2000, VM6200D, NV1e, NV1250D, NV1100, NV1300, NV1800Q, NV2600, NQ3500D, VQ2400, VQ3000, XV and NV950, A16, A80, A150.