A&E Sunstop T135 Bonded Polyester UV Resistant Thread. 1235m

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A&E Sunstop Bonded Polyester Thread

Tex 135, Length: 1235m

Advanced UVR protection against fade & degradation. Specifically engineered for the outdoor markets. From marine, tents, awnings, and outdoor living, this thread is the choice of quality manufacturers.

A&E is a manufacturer of high quality specialized sewing thread.


  • Withstands extreme environmental influences
  • HighUV-and sea water resistance
  • Good rub-and abrasion resistance

Sunstop Bonded Polyester Thread

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  • Thickness: ticket 20/T135 or V138
  • Material: bonded polyester
  • Length: 1920m
  • Recommended needle size: 110-130


  • Boat Covers
  • Sails
  • Awning Covers
  • Heavy Upholstery
  • Awnings

Other Available Sizes:

Size Application
 Thinner V69
T90 Upholstery, canvas, awnings, bags, canopies, squabs, boat covers.
Thicker T130 Sails, seatbelts, straps, heavy upholstery, canvas, awnings, boat covers.