Plain Sewing Machines Binder Attachment A10


Plain Sewing Machine Double Fold Binder Set

A10 Folder

Binder attachment that will double fold and sew your tape on the work that you are doing.

This set includes:

  • Binder/Folder
  • Throat Plate
  • Foot
  • Feed Dog

A test sample will also be attached.

This is for most industrial plain sewers

Cut Size         Finish Size
16MM                4.0 MM
18MM     4.5 MM
20MM     5.0 MM
22MM       5.5 MM
24MM     6.0 MM
26MM     6.5 MM
28MM 7.0 MM
30MM     8.0 MM
32MM     8.5 MM
34MM 9.0 MM
36MM 10.0 MM
38MM 11.0 MM
40MM 11.5 MM
45MM 13.0 MM
50MM 16.0 MM