Schmetz Domestic Universal Sewing Machine Needles

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Schmetz Domestic Sewing Machine Needles


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Packet of 5 needles.

These needles suit your Domestic/Household sewing machines.

A general purpose needle that can be used on knit or woven fabrics. A casual sewer who might repair a pair of jeans today, a child's t-shirt tomorrow, and some lingerie next month will probably use this needle most often. It will do a number of tasks sufficiently. It has a long scarf that is great for zigzag stitching and it does not damage knits. It is sharp enough to go through a lot of fabrics but it does have a slight ball point which does not make it ideal for going through many layers or high thread count fabrics. 

Range of different sizes available 

"your sewing machine is only good as the needles you're sewing with"Ferd Schmetz 1851

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