Janome Button Sewing Foot. 200 136 002


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Button Sewing Foot

For 7mm Machines

Quick and easy button sewing with the special button sewing foot. This foot has two bars that attach to the foot shank to provide extra stability and also has a textured, rubber sleeve to hold the button securely in place while sewing.


7mm Models

Category B

Suitable Machines:

521 525S 625E
659 2522LE 4018 4023 4035 4052 4618 4623 5018 5024 5050 5124 6019QC 6125QC 6260QC 7025 725S 8077 BCC-30 CC500 CC1000 CM2200 CP5000/PRO CXL301/SL30X DC3050 DC4030 DC4100

DKS30 DKS100 DXL603 HD2200 Jem Gold/660 Jem Gold2/661 Jem Gold+/661 C JLX2000


JP760 Jubilee85 LSM300 LSM400 MC4800 MC4800QC MC4900QC MC5000 MC5200 MC5900QC MC6500P MyStyle 22/2522 QXL605 SM02000 SM03000 SM04000 TXL607 XC50
XL30 XL601 XR33/XC33

ATELIER 3 MC11000SE MC11000 MC10001 MC10000 MC9700 MC9500 MC9000 MC7700QCP MC6600P