Is Using a Steam Press Better Than Ironing?

Is Using a Steam Press Better Than Ironing?

October 31, 2020

Is Using a Steam Press Better Than Ironing?  

Steam presses have been around for a long time. You may have used them in hotels or laundromats, but not considered them for your home or business. However, with steam presses more user friendly and compact than ever before, it’s time to rethink those wrinkles. 


What's the Difference Between Pressing and Ironing?

Firstly, we are not suggesting you run into the cupboard and throw your iron in the bin. There is a reason why we all have an iron and ironing board at home. The design of the board and shape of the iron make it easy to smooth out difficult spots on every garment. 

Once you’ve learnt the ropes, ironing is simple and efficient - especially if you use a steam iron & boiler set. One of the most important factors is that you’re in full control of every movement. This is especially important for garment making. 

However, everything about ironing is a manual process. That’s why it’s called a chore! For stubborn creases, you’ll need to apply pressure and go over the same spot repeatedly. For a normal laundry load, this isn’t too bad. But for anyone dealing with large or regular loads, these repetitive movements can be tiring and painful. 

That’s where the steam press comes into its own. Stream presses work in a similar way to an iron. They use a flat surface to apply pressure, combined with heat and steam to relax the wrinkles. However, the pressing plate in a steam press can be more than 10 times larger than an iron. 

This large flat plate gives perfect results in no time at all. You can work through more garments in less time, with far lower effort than ironing. 


Who Should Use a Steam Ironing Press? 

Steam presses are a huge time saver for anyone who deals with large amounts of laundry. Traditionally, steam presses have been favoured by hotels, laundromats and housekeepers. They are used professionally to deliver perfect results in the shortest possible time. 

However, we are seeing more semi-commercial and domestic customers getting in on the act. This includes Airbnbs, small business owners, sports teams and parents with large families. At the end of the day, if you want your time back from ironing, a steam press may be for you. 

There are also some more specialist use cases. If you regularly work with loosely woven fabrics, then you may already be familiar with the ironing versus pressing argument. With tailored shirts, suits and lined garments, the act of pushing and iron back and forth is likely to distort the fabrics. It is also a common problem when quilting. Many people find that an iron distorts blocks, pleats and seams. For this reason, a switch to pressing is highly recommended.


Are Steam Ironing Presses Easy to Use? 

Yes! It’s true that in the past ironing presses looked and felt industrial. However, that is no longer the case. Our entire range of steam presses are compact, economical and very user friendly. 

Typical features include quick heat up, auto shut off, locking handles and removable water tanks. Steam presses are compact and easy to store, with our smallest steam press being 51cm x 20cm. They all feature simple settings for different heat, steam and fabric options, giving you complete control. 

Wondering how to use a steam ironing press? It's easier than you think:

  1. Select your heat, steam and fabric settings. 
  2. Lay your garment in the press. 
  3. Lower the press for 5-10 seconds

For stubborn wrinkles, you can hold the press 5-10 cm above the garment and use the steam burst feature before pressing. 


What Are The Best Steam Ironing Presses? 

As with all of our product ranges, we work directly with manufacturers to provide top quality equipment at the best possible prices. We stock steam presses from Singer and Pfaff, as well as value brands for lower budgets. Here are some of our best sellers: 


SINGER Mini Steam PressSinger MSP550 Mini Steam Press

Perfect for when you’re short on space. The Singer MSP550 Mini Steam Press is very compact, but powerful.

  • 20" Press Surface, 51cm x 20cm
  • Professional Steam Output
  • Continuous Steam and On-Demand Burst of Steam
  • Non-Stick Pressing Surface Heats up to Nylon Setting in 108 Seconds
  • 150ml Tank Capacity
  • Automatic shut off and safety alarm



Digital Steam Ironing Press

 Steam Ironing Press

Our best value mid-size ironing press. This is a solid, high quality machine that will easily remove all your wrinkles and creases.

  • 60cm x 25cm pressing plate
  • Multiple material and temperature adjustments
  • Continuous and steam burst options
  • Quick heat up time 



Singer Large Steam Press


Singer ESP36 Large Steam Ironing Press

The Singer ESP36 Large Steam Ironing Press is a top of the range press, with the features and quality you’d expect from Singer. This press will deliver perfect results time after time.

  • Large 36” (91.44cm) non-stick pressing surface
  • Digital controls for accuracy
  • 5 fabric settings
  • Continuous and steam burst options
  • Quick heat up time 1.8 minutes to nylon setting
  • Auto shut off and alerts



Pfaff 560 Rolling Steam Ironing Press

Pfaff 560 Rolling Steam Ironing Press

It doesn’t get any better than the Pfaff Rolling Steam Press. This is our top of the range press, perfect for Airbnbs, hotels, housekeeper, laundromats and more.

  • Powerful press for bedding, furnishings and large items
  • Easy to use presets for different fabrics
  • Full control of roller speed, steam and pressure via foot pedal
  • Built in water softener
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Wheels for easy movement



Ready to make the switch to an ironing press? View our full range online here