How Do You Use Embroidery Machine Hoops?

How Do You Use Embroidery Machine Hoops?

May 24, 2023

Machine embroidery can become a very fun hobby once you begin to achieve such great precision. To achieve such accurate precision, you need to learn how to properly hoop your fabric and stabilize it.

Firstly, you should choose the smallest hoop size possible for your chosen design.  This saves stabilizer, makes hooping more accurate, and provides more support for the fabric while it’s being stitched by your sewing machine.

Top tip: Always ensure that you have oriented the hoop in the right direction relative to your machine and fabric.

How to prepare my embroidery hoops successfully?

Your embroidery hoops is made of an inner hoop and an outer hoop. The outer hoop has a metal tension screw which allows you to snug this hoop around the inner hoop. 

Most people tend to loosen the outer hoop way too much before putting it over the inner hoop with the fabric, and then tighten it once it's over the fabric. Then they pull the fabric from all directions to make it tight. However, the problem with this technique is that there is a high risk you will stretch the fabric more than necessary which can result in wonky stitches once you pull your fabric off the hoop. 

A better method is to tighten your outer hoop so that it will almost barely fit over the inner hoop with the fabric laid over it. Then, with the outer hoop, only halfway on, tighten your tension screw. Whilst applying even pressure around the hoop you should push it down the rest of the way, so that it's level with the inner hoop. This will leave you with a nice and even stretch, with an appropriate tautness for your fabric. 

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