Coats Classic Waxed Braided Cord


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Waxed Braided Cord - Bone Necklace & Hand Sewing

Coats Classic is a high strength waxed polyester braid mainly used for necklace making to house bone carvings. Also used for hand sewing of moccasins, soles and leather goods.

The high wax content in the braid offers excellent water proof performance on every hand sewing operation. Classic has a compact structure and the special waxing treatment prevents ends fraying and breakages. The special waxing and stabilisation process offers very low stretch characteristics which facilitates very tight seams and fastening of knots.

Classic is recommended for hand sewing and lacing of moccasin uppers and leather goods as well as for thick, hard and difficult materials.

Available in a variety of thicknesses

  • 1.0mm - 500m
  • 1.6mm - 350m
  • 1.8mm - 300m


  • Necklace plaiting.
  • Hand sewing shoe soles.
  • Belts.
  • Furniture upholstery.
  • Hand sewing heavier material such as horse covers, bags, etc.


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