Rit Fabric Liquid Dye 236ml All Purpose


Rit Fabric Liquid Dye


Unleash your creative juices and dye your fabrics with vibrant, durable color that won't fade with time. Add a splash of bold hue or go wild with a mix; you do the dye-ing!

Rit fabric dye is a non-toxic, all-purpose dye designed to revive old clothes and upcycle items. With its range of vibrant, long-lasting colours, you'll be able to restore old garments to their former glory or add colour to any fabric for a sustainable fashion statement. Up to 10 garments can be dyed with a single 236ml bottle. If that's not enough reasons, transform your old fabrics into beautiful, modern pieces with Rit Dye! Our liquid dye formula will brighten up any fabric for an effortless upcycle, giving new life to your favorite clothes and accessories. Create a unique look with just a few simple steps and enjoy the satisfaction of refreshing your wardrobe with ease!

Create endless hues and shades with Rit Fabric Liquid Dye! With over 500 colour combinations, you can mix and match 'til you get that perfect shade of funk. Get creative and have some fun with your fashion! (Plus, feel free to run your own mad science experiments - no gloves required!)

Made in U.S.A.

Applicable material:

Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Ramie, Rayon, Viscose, Nylon, Modal, Tulle, Wood, Paper, Cork, Hemp