Cover Stitch Machine

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DIndustry standard stitch great for hemming knits, sewing elastics, stitching stretch lace, decorative seams, bottom hemming t-shirts and skits. 


If you are new to sewing you do not need to go out and buy an coverstitch straight away, but soon you may want to try give your projects a professional finish. Then maybe its time to add an Coverseam to your collection. 


What a coverstitch allows you to do

A cover stitch sewing machine lets a home-sewer, young designer or tailor to  complete the hem on pants, shirts and skirts, and a cover stitch is invaluable for sewing undergarments, active wear and swimwear. On the outside of the garment, the stitch consists of two rows of stitching. On the inside, the two rows are connected with an overlock stitch.


This is a perfect fit for you if you want to finish your garments properly especially if you don’t want to spend time switching our machine between overlock and coverstitch in 2-in-1 machine.



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WHY BUY NOW? We just got these in, there’s a lot of people waiting for it and we don’t have many in stock. Also prices can go up with changes in the exchange rate :( So this is the best time to buy.


Want to layby? No problems we only ask for a 20% deposit when you buy now.


This machine has: 

Cover stitch sewing machine with differential feed e. 

Easy stitch length dial 

Easy presser foot presser adjuster. 

Auto looper threader. 

Auto tension release 

Auto switch off 

Built in lamb 

Electronic speed controller. 


This machine can be used as: 

1 need chain stitch. 

2 needle wide cover stitch. (width 5.6mm) 

3 needle cover stitch with left and right narrow cover stitch. (width 5.6mm) 

Also narrow cover stitch with left an right narrow cover stitch. (width 2.8mm)