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Parisian Singer Adjustable Dress Form/Mannequin

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This is a Dress form / Mannequin that you can adjust to which ever size you want. It allows pattern adjustments before cutting. you to Set necklines, sleeves and collars easily and is Perfect for linings, hems and total construction. 


* precisely dial your figure with 12 body dials 

* Neck dial adjustmen 

* Eight foam backed (for pinning ) nylon fabric covered body panels 

* Locking waist / torso adjustmen 

* Locking body height adjustment 

* Adjustable height hem measure 

* Hem gauge arms

* Hem gauge 

* high stability pedestal base 



Small (Sizes 10-16)

waist - 64-80 cm 
Bust - 84-100 cm 
Hips - 86-102 cm 

Medium (Sizes 16-22)

waist - 77cm-93cm 
Bust - 100cm-116cm 
Hips - 101cm-117cm