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Olfa Metric Quilt Making Kit

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Metric Quilt Making Kit

Premium Quiltmaking Kit

Contains the RTY-2/G rotary cutter, RM-IC-C rotary mat (470x320x1.6mm) and kit-exclusive MQR-15x16 quilt ruler. The Premium Quiltmaking Kit is perfect for the special gift for a beginning quilter, quilt class attendee and educator or teacher.

Includes a 45 mm Rotary Cutter RTY-2/G, a Rotary Mat RM-IC-C, and a Quilt Ruler QR-16S (16.5″ x 16.5″ Inch grid model)/MQR-15×16 (15cm x 16cm Metric grid model).
* Quilt Rulers in the image are for other sizes.


Rotary Cutter ideal for cutting fabric

Rotary cutter featuring versatile 45 mm rotary blade for a wide range of uses.
Perfect for cutting fabric, paper and other hard-to-cut materials such as rubber sheets and film. 

Rotary Mats for cutting comfortably

OLFA Rotary Mat not only helps quilters for clean cutting, but also serves to protect rotary blades and cutting surfaces.
Double-sided use with Metric grids on one side and Inch grids on the other.
450mm x 300mm x 1.5mm (18 x 12) Inch / Cm grid model.

User-friendly Quilt Rulers

QR makes it easy to cut fabric at precise lengths and angles.
In addition to being non-slip, the frosted backing makes grid lines and numbers easy to read on both light- and dark-coloured fabrics.