Japanese Screw Punch


Japanese Screw Punch by Kearing


From leather craft, to book binding, the Japanese screw punch is a versatile tool with many applications. This tool effortlessly punches holes in any material. As pressure is applied downwards, the drill bit spins which cuts a hole through the material.

Easy to use:

Step 1: First take down the screw in the top of the item, then put the right size of the punch blade,
take back the screw and keep it tight enough to fixed the punch blade.
Step 2: Fasten the leather/paper or something else, keep the punch vertical to the leather,
then use appropriate energy to press the wood handle can punch the hole perfectly.

Comes with an assortment of drill bits included:

- 1.5mm
- 2.0mm
- 2.5mm
- 3.0mm
- 3.5mm
- 4.0mm