Heavy-Duty Battery Powered Electric Cutter


Portable cordless round cutting machine makes cutting easier, faster and produces clean-cut. This medium speed cutting machine is designed to cut through heavier material such as fabrics, carpeting, foam, PVC, leather, linoleum, rubber, cork, and many more. Powered by a battery, this machine can be taken anywhere in the work room without the hassle of cords.

The polygonal 60 mm blade works in conjunction with a carbide stationary blade mimicking a scissor movement.

MicroTop MB-60 sports powerful 9.6V heavy-duty motor, powered by a NiCad battery pack. One hour of charge allows for cutting about 90 to 240 m of fabrics, depending on thickness.

Cutting height: 12 mm
Speed: 1200 rpm
Motor voltage: 9.6 V
Charger voltage: 230 V

Weight: 1.1 kg