Dynamix UPSD650 Defender 650VA (390W)


DYNAMIX Defender 650VA (390W)

Line Interactive UPS, 936 Joules Surge Protection, 2x NZ Power Sockets, Netguard Smart Monitoring

The Defender range uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage protecting your valuable equipment from power line disturbances. The stylish LCD display, user replaceable battery and two Australia/NZ sockets make the Defender the complete package at this level. The Defender USB communication port is compatible with Synology NAS products. NetGuard™ UPS management software included.

Key features

- Surge Protection, Best in its Class
- Australian/NZ outlets for UPS and Surge protection (x2)
- Buck and boost AVR for voltage stabilisation
- User replaceable battery
- Silent Operation (No fans included)
- Auto restart when AC returns
- Off-mode charging
- Cold start function
- USB communication with sophisticated NetGuard® software

    Product # UPSDNX1650