15 Pcs Domestic Sewing Machines Foot Set


15pcs Standard feet set for DOMESTIC Sewing machines

Includes these Feet:

All Purpose foot: use the all purpose foot to do all kinds of straight or Zig Zag stitching

Blind Hem Foot: Use the blind hem foot to sew invisible hem on skirts, pants, dresses, etc.

Buttonhole Foot: The buttonHole foot enables you to sew perfect with identical stitching. use the marings on the buttonhole foot sew a properly sized buttonhole.

Button Sew Foot: this button sewing foot holds the button n place while it is stitched.

Cording Foot: Use the Cording foot to add one or multiple decorative cords.

Darning/Embroidery Foot: Use the Darning/Embroidery foot free motion embroidery or darning

Gathering Foot: Use the Gathering foot for gathering light to medium fabrics. you can stitch and gather two layers of fabric at once.

Hemmer Foot: Use the Hemmer foot to sew hems on delicate fabrics

Overcasting Foot: use the overcasting foot to get a professional seam finishing on your garments.

Quilting foot: the quilting foot is popular with quilters and is used for joining pieces of fabric together.

Satin Stitch Foot: the satin stitch foot is used when sewing satin or decorative stitches. the groove on the bottom of the foot is designed to accommodate dense stitches and prevents stitches from bunching

Zipper Foot: the Zipper foot is used for sewing centered or lapped zippers

Low shank & High Shank Adapters: Depending on your machine, you may need the low or high shank adapter to be able to use the snap on feet.

WALKING FOOT: the walking foot equalizes the feeding of the upper and lower layers of fabric and improves the matching of plaids, stripes and patterns. this foot helps prevent uneven feeding of very difficult fabrics. (instructions on how to use the Walking foot are enclosed in package)

Comes with a great Storage case.

*These will work on all machines that use snap on feet.
*Will not work on Bernina Machines