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Here it is, the Best Selling Portable Blind Hemmer in the World, the ZJ500 series. We have been selling this machine for over 10 years. That's testament to a great product! this machine has now become the benchmark by which all others are compared with. 

Ideal for use in small workshops where space is a problem. Used extensively by Soft Furnishing and Alteration Shops and for on site use for Blind Hemming Curtains, Skirt & Trouser Hems, Sleeves etc.. This Blindstitch Machine makes light work of hemming curtains professionally. Blind Stitch hems on Skirts, Trousers, Dresses etc effortlessly. Swing Out front plate allows access to small diameter arm for Hemming Sleeves and Narrow Legs. Fully adjustable Depth Control. This machine can easily be moved around and can sit on any table top.

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