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Simple Sewing Machine


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Whether you want to do:

Save money on alterations?

Give the  GIFT of creativity?


Or just get into the HOBBY of sewing?


It’s easy to get confused when shopping for a sewing machine; so many brands, features, price ranges, and more. It can be hard to know where to start! We want to help.


You want to sew jeans, curtains and silk? Choose the other machine we have.

If you want the light and quiet machine for small quick alterations, this is the machine for you.


- Threading - You’ll have it easy there are instructions on the machine so you don’t even have to consult the manual.


- Stitches - How many do you need? To sew successfully you only really need a straight stitch and a zigzag stitch. These two stitches will allow you to do just about everything. With this machine you’ll have both, and 29 more in case you want to get creative. Including a reverse stitch button, adjustable stitch length and width.


- Button holes - This machine has a 4 step button hole if you need to make button holes.


Does it come with everything need you need to GET STARTED NOW? yes. Needles, Bobbins, oil bottle, button hole foot, blind hem food, zipper foot, hemmer foot, button foot, and an instruction manual.


WHY BUY NOW? We sell a lot of these, we often run out of stock and prices can go up with changes in the exchange rate :( So this is the best time to buy.


Want to layby? No problems we only ask for a 20% deposit when you buy now.


Why buy from Direct Sewing Machines? a big chain store might even beat our price but they can’t help you after you’ve bought the machine. We’ve cut the middle man and we’re selling direct to you as the importer and retailer. We give you a 12 month warranty on this machine, answer any questions you have using your machine after you’ve bought it, we can supply you all parts, accessories you need and we’ll even service the machine for free for the first year (just pay the postage).



12 month warranty - Excluding freight or misuse. 

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